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Session Purpose

During this two-part Healing of The Soul Session, we will dissect the movie Malcolm & Marie think of this session as a book study! Navigating through the ups and downs of toxicity within Co-dependent relationships. This movie is the perfect example of battling dark with light, narcissism and empathic relationships, and trauma bonding, understanding the difference between parenting your inner child versus you either being a contributor to enabling bad behavior or producing that bad behavior due to unhealed childhood wounds. This movie is raw and I am hoping to envoke conversations surrounding why we want to hold on desperately to what isnt good for us, I am hoping to highlight the addiction to conditional love.


"A filmmaker on the brink of Hollywood glory and his girlfriend, whose story made his career, find themselves pushed towards a reckoning as a single tumultuous night decides the fate of their relationship." 

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August 14th & August21st, 2021 
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